Sweden Wasabis


Wasa Arena Night

Interview with Bassem Amin

Bassem, tell us about your connection with Sweden? I started playing for Wasa SK in January 2017, after the team captain Birger Wenzel (who has been a friend of mine since 2008 ) contacted me to play for the team and I happily accepted and have been playing for the team since then and always feel happy when am going to play in Sweden feels like a second home to me :)
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Pro Chess League kicks off with Sweden Wasabis versus Norway Gnomes

This Thursday, 9th of January 2020, Sweden Wasabis http://swedenwasabis.se/ plays its first match of the new Pro Chess League season http://www.prochessleague.com/teams.html. Sweden Wasabis immediately faces its Norwegian rivals, Norway Gnomes. Wasabis is getting ready for a tough match. This season has removed the upper rating limit, opening up for absolute top level chess! Sweden Wasabis first board is GM Bassem Amin, Egypt, Elo 2673. Bassem is the all time highest rated player of Africa.
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Interview With Emanuel Berg

Emanuel, how easy is it to make a living from chess in Sweden? Well, having family it’s not at all easy. It cost a lot of time and my travelling days. When you were a full-time pro, how did your life look like? It was a lot of travelling days with maybe about 8-10 tournaments a year plus league matches in several countries. I would say my life was very much focused on chess during these years I were a full-time pro.
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Interview With GM Ferdinand Hellers

“GM Ferdinand Hellers is the second-highest rated player in Sweden. Belonging to the same generation of players such as Anand, Gelfand and Ivantjuk, he became Swedish junior champion at 12 (1981), European junior champion at 15 (1985) and a GM at 19 (1988). On January 1, 1989, he was rated 45 in the world. After playing professionally for a few years, in 1991 he decided to study law and thereafter slowly drifted away from chess, playing his last serious round-robin tournaments in the summer of 1997, his first place in the 1997 Sigeman Malmo tournament being one of his major successes.
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