This Thursday, 9th of January 2020, Sweden Wasabis plays its first match of the new Pro Chess League season Sweden Wasabis immediately faces its Norwegian rivals, Norway Gnomes. Wasabis is getting ready for a tough match. This season has removed the upper rating limit, opening up for absolute top level chess!

Sweden Wasabis first board is GM Bassem Amin, Egypt, Elo 2673. Bassem is the all time highest rated player of Africa. He is also a Doctor of Medicine. Bassem plays for the first team of Wasa Chess Club in team championships. Second board is GM Nikita Meshkovs, Latvia, Elo 2565. Nikita has played several Pro Chess League seasons for Riga Magicians. Third board is GM Emanuel Berg, Sweden, Elo 2544. Emanuel plays for the first team of Wasa Chess Club in the annual Swedish Team Championships. Fourth board is GM Erik Blomqvist, Sweden, Elo 2539. Erik plays for the Stockholm based Rockaden Chess Club and is the current Swedish Champion.

Sweden Wasabis and Wasa Chess Club hosts an open event at Best Western Time Hotel in Stockholm on 9th of January at 18:00. The match starts at 18:30. GM Erik Blomqvist will play the match in front of a live audience. There will be live commentary in English by host FM Anders Grandell and guest host legendary GM Pia Cramling. The live commentary will also be broadcasted live on

Each player will play four online games with a rapid time control of 10 minutes plus two seconds per move. You can expect exciting moments throughout the match! Come and enjoy chess at the absolute top level together with your friends in a totally new chess environment! Share the joy and pain together with other Wasabis fans! Cheer the Wasabis team to victory!

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